Zackary and Delainie is an upcoming TSN Original Series. The show is going to be an animated series about the adventures, misadventures, and daily lives of two twins, Zackary and Delainie Hinchey. The show's episodes will be split into two or three segments. So far, not much is known about the show, so this page will be updated as more information is known.

Characters Edit

Zackary "Zack" Hinchey: An 12-year old boy who has big ideas and the brains of the bunch. He hopes to either be a teacher, an animator, or an engineer when he grows up. He is easygoing, kind-hearted, and dislikes school.

Delainie Hinchey: Same age as her brother, She is the weird, more wacky side of the Hinchey Twinhood. She almost has non-stop energy and looks almost the same as Zackary.